Best Colleges to Pursue Engineering in Australia

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Best Colleges to Pursue Engineering in Australia

Obtaining an engineering degree from an Aussie university is a dream for many international students. Since Australia is an educational hub, they find themselves spoilt for choice. There is a big difference between wanting to study engineering in Australia and knowing where to study engineering in Australia. The Education Post makes this decision easy for you by listing the best Engineering colleges in the entire country:
1. Monash University
Belonging to the prestigious Group of Eight in Australia, this university is at the top of our list. A gamechanger in technological studies and artificial intelligence research, they offer students a rigorous 2-year program that entails design, development, and applications of AI-based as well as technology driven products. They train students to be masters of creating systems in literally any field from agriculture, retail, and healthcare to service based industries such as law, accounting, and design. Students can also choose research projects which are industry specific that give them theoretical knowledge as well as practical expertise.
2. Australian National University
A name we always come across in the list of top universities in Australia is the Australian National University. Another top institution in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it offers undergraduate and graduates programs across computer programming, information technology, and advanced sciences as specializations. The 2-year undergraduate degree programs focus on some unique aspects of technology such as machine learning, AI search, planning and diagnosis, automation, disruptive algorithms, data science, and much more.
3. Deakin University
This is a university that features among the top 2% of universities in the world! It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure so that students of engineering can apply their knowledge in digital as well as physical assets. It offers a 2-year program that is constantly updated with the latest topics in the field of science and engineering. Some of the best areas of study within engineering at Deakin include programming, algorithms, computer vision, and automated processing. Their research facility aids students in further expanding their understanding of concepts in their respective fields. This also helps them land the best opportunities in some of the world’s largest tech organizations.
4. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Rated one of the world’s top technological research facilities by The Australian Research Council, RMIT’s programs in technology are considered the most niche among all programs in Australia. There are hardly any others in the entire country that offer such carefully selected specializations and are as focused on each of them as RMIT. In the second year, the programs give students the option of choosing either a project or a research assignment depending upon the student’s preference to take up a post-graduate elective or a Ph.D. level graduation project.
5. University of Melbourne
One in the top 5 universities in Australia overall, the University of Melbourne is a globally recognized institute of learning for engineering aspirants. The college is also one of the best in the world for computer science and information technology programs. It gives students a wide range of options to choose from across engineering streams, data science, computer programming, statistics, and much more. It even offers Master’s programs for higher studies in engineering combined with real-time experience that students can gain through internships and training across various global enterprises.
These are The Education Post’s top five recommendations for studying engineering in Australia. We advise aspiring international students to consider these colleges for engineering as they offer the best curriculum and the best job opportunities not just within Australia but also globally.
If you wish to learn more about any of these universities, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!


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