Best College Cricket Clubs in Australia

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Best College Cricket Clubs in Australia

No dream is complete without a pinch of flavor that reminds you of home. For most Indian students, cricket is a passion. That is why those who come to study in Australia are particularly delighted when they see Cricket as a part of the college culture in Australian universities. Cricket is a highly celebrated sport in Australia just as it is in India and top universities in Australia have well-established cricket clubs. Here are the universities that have the best cricket clubs in Australia:


1. Adelaide University Cricket Club
One of the oldest collegiate cricket clubs, the Adelaide University Cricket Club is an old, established club of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA), the highest order of the game in South Australia. The Adelaide University Cricket Club gives players of various skills opportunities to play at levels most suited to their abilities. Players can then move from one level to another depending on their performance. The University’s Oval is a beautiful ground where seasonal games are played giving audiences amazing surroundings to watch their favorite sport in.


2. University of Melbourne Cricket Club
This university has produced many State and Test players and will surprise you with its professional level of cricket offerings. The rich history and tradition of MUCC speak of its achievements and famous players also enrich its legacy. The club has been home to two of Australia’s opening batsmen in the test format along with four teams in the prestigious Victorian Premier Cricket competition, two teams in the Melbourne Cricket club competition as well as a women’s cricket team in the Victorian Women’s Cricket Association competition.


3. Monash University Cricket Club
An inclusive cricket club of the world-famous Monash University, this one is a favorite for international students. It accepts players of all leagues and formats and even gives them professional training for pursuing cricket as a career. Having both male and female teams, this club participates in all major Australian competitions such as Mercantile Cricket Association, Women’s Community Competition, Eastern Cricket Association and Mid-Year Cricket. With more than 300 active members, the club has players learning and playing cricket at amateur and pro levels. It is also partnered with the Heatherton Cricket Club of Australia. With numerous affiliations, it is an honor for students to just be a part of something so exclusive.


4. University of Western Australia
Located in the heart of the University of Australia’s Perth campus, this club fields men’s and women’s teams across formats as a part of the West Australian Cricket Association’s local competition. Also offering options of professional cricket training, this club has numerous members pursuing advanced-level cricket. The training usually provides athletic exercises, batting, fielding and bowling technique trainings. The sessions are held most of the school year to match the curriculum.


5. Tasmania University Cricket Club

This pro cricket club participates in the Cricket Tasmania Premier League hosting major league players over the past decades. With over 250 members, the club gives exclusive access to a large community of Tasmanian cricketers and cricket enthusiasts across age groups, disciplines and training levels. They focus on giving their members access to playing games at all levels of cricket by providing world-class training, international cricket coaches, support groups and much more. They also provide an Annual Cricket Scholarship to students and work towards promoting this scholarship to international students who excel in cricket as a sport.


6. Sydney University Cricket Club
A club that is more than 100 years old, the Sydney University Club is a long-standing tradition supported by entities such as Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness which is the biggest sports body in Australia for university-level sports. Through such support, the club can provide high-value training equipment, coaching and experiences to its members from a college level. The members who undergo training here are expected to consistently perform to be able to play in pro leagues. Their mantra as they say is to succeed in every pursuit of yours from sports to academics to life in general. Their network of members and alumni goes beyond college and extends into corporate organizations.

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