Annabelle Lee – Macquarie University

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Annabelle Lee – Macquarie University

Studying at Macquarie University captures the true essence of an Australian university experience.


From studying with classmates in the state art library to grabbing a boost juice and hanging by the lake with friends, every experience is what you imagine university to be like. As I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) I need to maintain a high average in order to qualify and remain in my course.


As I will be attending university for a total of 6 years and 2 years practical in order to be a fully qualified psychologist, the pressure is high to achieve the marks I need. I along with many other students spend most of my time studying and attending classes.


As university can be stressful at times, being a member of a club is a good way to relax and truly experience university. There are various student groups at Macquarie, which allow you to meet new people with similar interests in a non academic environment, allowing you to get the most out of your degree.


I joined the Thai Laos club in my first year, which consisted of monthly sausage sizzles as most clubs do, but also different specialty dishes from Thai or Laos cuisine. Most of the members were South East Asian and they were very welcoming of all members within the club. The club allowed students to unwind and relax together through an appreciation for food, which allowed us to not only deepen our university experience, but connect with students who have come from all around the world.


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