3 Reasons Why Uni Friends are the Best Friends

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3 Reasons Why Uni Friends are the Best Friends

University is a whole new world. For most, it also means a whole new circle of friends. Once your uni friends have seen your mental breakdowns, sloppy-faced, floor-gurgling self, a connection like no other is made.
Here are 3 reasons why your uni friends are your best friends.

1. Shared Interests

Unlike relationships from school or work, university friends are based on things you have in common with
one another. After all, they are working towards the same career goal as you! Despite this, people who
share the same degree, same faculty or even same uni are more inclined have at least one commonality
between them.
Whether it is shared food, a shared room, or even a shared mindset, uni friends have (or will) share the
best times of your lives together. They will shape you, inspire you, laugh at you, laugh with you, and best
of all, help you get through your degree.

2. Your stress is my stress

University means that there are a whole lot of people who are trying to find their feet – just like you. Your uni friends are no exception. Together, you can work through:

  • setting realistic expectations,
  • outlay a study plan,
  • provide each other within necessary information,
  • allocate tasks between the two of you, and
  • support each other!

You are not alone, remember that!

3. Study partner

The friends you make at university are not only your social companions. Without knowing, they are also a study or work partner. You will be able to share notes, ideas and answers on how to get through the semester.
It also allows you to socialise with them after work hours at different events.
You should have an optimistic view and be motivated to meet new people and make friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Take the time and effort to reach out to people as making a friend at university has many different benefits.
Going to university should be fun, and friends will make it even better. In saying that we believe you should:

  • Be active and join in social events when you can
  • Make conversations when you have the chance
  • Making friends isn’t easy, it takes time. Be patient
  • If the first person you talk to doesn’t become your friend, you haven’t failed. Keep trying
  • It can sometimes be awkward and confronting, but when you find a true friend, you will forget the awkward times you had to face

Get involved, pull down your walls and join in the conversation.
Soon enough, you will have friends you can’t live without. Not just throughout your time at university, but throughout life!
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