10 Reasons to Study at the University of Adelaide

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10 Reasons to Study at the University of Adelaide

The one name on every aspiring international student’s list of colleges in Australia is the University of Adelaide. Ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world and situated in the vibrant and metropolitan city of Adelaide, this university has everything you can possibly want from an educational institution. From the best standard of campus life to elite education, it offers a student experience worthy of envy. Let’s look at the biggest reasons why it is the ultimate student destination in Australia:
1. Global Recognition
Australia has an elite group of universities known as the Group of Eight which is somewhat like the Ivy League of America. The University of Adelaide is one of the eight Australian universities that fall in this group. With world-class research facilities and recognized bachelor’s and master’s programs, it offers an education that international students compete to grab from all over the world. Apart from a premium curriculum, it offers practical experience and in-depth knowledge in various fields.
2. State-of-the-Art Research Facility
It is a sanctum of learning and research that focuses on education derived from findings and advancements in technology. It offers knowledge that stems from innovation and extensive research. The reason it is recognized worldwide is because of the unmatched research facility it offers.
3. Best Job Prospects
Ranked among the top 10 universities in Australia on the employability scale, students who graduate from the University of Adelaide are offered jobs that are the best in the market. By graduating from here, students get a competitive advantage as compared to those from other universities purely based on the brand name.
4. Supportive Community
A truly inclusive environment is what international students enjoy most at the University of Adelaide. With over 30,000 international students from more than 100 countries, this university is a top education hub for students aspiring to study in Australia. Not just the university, but the city environment welcomes outsiders with friendly policies, access to public transport, an amicable approach, affordable living, and a pleasant climate. One of the most liveable cities in the world, Adelaide is the perfect place to experience international college life.
5. Lower cost of living
What you find most surprising is the low cost of living in the city which offers such a high standard of living. Compared to other cities in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is safely 15% cheaper to live in with the same spark as these cities. For students, in particular, there are concessions available for all necessary purchases and services.
6. Future Prospects and Visa Extensions
Best after college life is just as important as the college years. A lot of students find a dearth of opportunities after graduating from universities in the same city. They either have to move to find an ideal, well-paying job or go back to their home countries. Adelaide is one place that has some of the highest conversions in terms of college students turning to working professionals. Even if you wish to pursue further studies, Adelaide has one of the easiest express Visa processing facilities in Australia.
7. Rich Cultural Experience
The cultural experience that the city of Adelaide lets you experience is richer than most other places. With art exhibitions, heritage walks, architectural fairs, and music festivals, Adelaide offers you a chance to experience real Australian heritage and be a part of it. To be able to experience a different culture than your own is something that adds immensely to your life experiences.
8. Vast Options of Specializations
The number of course options to choose from is very large at the University of Adelaide. With over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, degrees, and research options, students can opt for various fields like science, technology, medicine, business, law, and creative arts.
9. Premium Education Standards
At the University of Adelaide, standards of education are the top priority and there is no instance of a substandard experience in any area of college life. From accommodation to learning, everything is top-notch. Being a GO8 university, it gives students a chance to experience why it falls in this prestigious group of academic institutions.
10. Scholarships
A boon for international students is that the University of Adelaide offers a range of scholarships depending on specific criteria that if you fit in, you can enjoy as much as a full scholarship to study here. Due to a large number of international students, the university allows you to apply for all kinds of concessions on tuition fees.
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