Graduate Certificate of Finance and Actuarial Statistics

Australian National University

The Graduate Certificate of Finance and Actuarial Statistics is designed for students who wish to: Develop a greater understanding of financial, actuarial and statistical principles and their application; Gain Part II exemption status for the Institute of Actuaries; Improve analytical skills for interpreting and analysing financial, actuarial and statistical information; Gain greater insight into the Australian and international financial markets; Increase management skills for dealing with organisations, teams and policy issues; and, Expand their applied knowledge in various specialised areas of finance, actuarial studies and applied statistics. Students who achieve a GPA of 4.5 for the Graduate Certificate of Finance and Actuarial Statistics with an appropriate specialization may transfer to one of the RSFAS Masters Programs (Master of Applied Finance, Master of Finance, Master of Actuarial Studies, Master of Actuarial Practice, Master of Statistics.

At a Glance

Course level Postgraduate
CRICOS Code 082257G
Institution Name Australian National University
Campus Location N/A
Institution Type University
Course Duration N/A
Course University Australian National University

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