Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Arts and Social Science

Australian National University

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is an exciting research-focused degree at the ANU. It is an integrated program leading to an Honours award. It is designed for intellectually ambitious students who aspire to study at the highest level. Every student receives intensive individual attention from an academic advisor. The PhB is flexible in its structure with your program determined each year in collaboration with your academic advisor. One quarter of your studies in the first three years will consist of individually tailored advanced studies courses specifically designed to provide you with a strong base in research. In these courses, you might do a reading course or literature review with an academic. In the fourth year you will undertake an Honours year centred around one Arts discipline. A strict quota will apply to enrolments in this degree program. A wide range of scholarships is available to potential applicants. Career Options Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australias most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide. The latest Global Employability University Ranking, published by the Times Higher Education, rated ANU as Australias top university for getting a job for the fourth year in a row. Employment Opportunities The PhB is an ideal path to take if you are already aiming for a career in research, but it is equally good if you decide to enter the workforce directly, as you will not only have gained the academic and generic skills normally obtained within an arts degree but will have gained highly marketable skills in independent research, oral and written communication and also in teamwork. Learning Outcomes Successful completion of this program enables students to: identify various research concepts, methodologies and methods; negotiate research projects by considering their academic relevance, possible academic contributions, and ethical implications; source and critically analyse research literature related to their topics of interest and research, and appraise concepts and arguments related to their topics of interest and research.

At a Glance

Course level Undergraduate
CRICOS Code 048427K
Institution Name Australian National University
Campus Location N/A
Institution Type University
Course Duration 4 year full-time
Course University Australian National University

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