Bachelor of Arts (History)

University of Southern Queensland

Discover the past
Historians discover the stories behind some of the greatest and most significant events the world has seen. The past influences the choices we make as a society, nation or as a global community with respect to both contemporary and future events and issues.

Our Bachelor of Arts (History) gives you the chance to understand the events that have shaped our world. Through critical thinking and real-world application, you will be able to piece together information from the past and apply it to current events and issues. You will examine many areas of history including world civilisations, historic and contemporary Australia, race relations in Australian history, European and American history and the 20th century. Through your student experience, discover the areas of history that intrigue you the most.

At a Glance

Course level Undergraduate
CRICOS Code For the course code, kindly refer to the university website.
Institution Name University of Southern Queensland
Campus Location Toowoomba
Institution Type University
Course Duration 3 years or part-time equivalent
Course University University of Southern Queensland

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